Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Breaking News!

The big news around here is..... No! It's not that, perish the thought! Miller is trying to crawl. He way too young for this, but he wants to crawl, and so he does! Here is a video-fingers crossed that it works!


  1. Yeah, that's crawling alright! Not much forward progress, but...GO MILLER!!! Oh how time flies!

  2. That is so great. He is going to be fully mobile in no time!

    I though it was about time that I commented. I am a lurker through Kelly's blog :)


  3. Melissa, I read your blog too! After you had Will a month early, I was a little jumpy. Then I just kept reading and here is Will 9 months old and here is Miller 5 months old! Happy to see you!

  4. Wow! Are you ready for him to be mobile? That changes everything doesn't it?

    By the way, love your suggestion for the wallpaper! Thanks!

  5. That's my boy!!! I knew he was going to be a jock!!!
    Aunt Michele


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