Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yuck and Yum!

It started last Wednesday when Allen came down with an upset tummy in the middle of the night. He managed to make it through his two day work week--almost. Before I go any further and you think he was sitting around eating ice cream and watching "Homeland Security", I have to say that Monday was MLK day and Tuesday he worked 17 hours straight in below freezing temps at the Inauguration, then Wednesday he had Administrative leave to recover from the Inauguration. So anyway back to Wednesday night...Allen was up with tummy trouble. Then Thursday he comes home from work on time (that = early for him), and Miller throws up a good bit. We didn't think much of it because that baby is a spitter. Then Friday morning he had a fever and was just not right. I took him to the doctor and they said it was a virus and keep him hydrated. Good to know.
Saturday we were all fine, and managed to get a ton done. Sunday was pretty good too. Then Sunday night Jackson woke up and had vomited. Up until now I have been fortunate that he had never actually vomited. Baby spit up, yes, but not real vomit. UM GROSS. I got Allen up and had him help me change PJs, sheets, etc. Then about an hour later it happened again. UMMM Double YUCK! I didn't have any more sheets for his crib, so I put down a beach towel and an Ultimate Crib sheet. They are awesome. So I got to bed pretty late and by this time I was not feeling well myself. By the time Allen got up at 3 (yes a.m.) I knew I was sick. I told him I needed him to stay home, but he couldn't call in with no notice. Anyway I got it bad. Fortunately, Allen came to the rescue and came home at 11 to help with the boys. Jackson was over it in 24 hours and back to his normal self. Since I am no spring chicken it is taking me a little longer. I'm not pukey anymore, but I'm still sore all over and tired. Allen stayed home again today and I am so thankful. I got lots of rest.

That brings me to the yum part! It snowed!!!!! We woke up to a dusting this morning. Is there anything more fun than opening the shades and seeing snow?? Love it! It snowed until about 2 and then it is barely snowing now. We are supposed to get an ice storm tonight. Not so excited about that. Hopefully the government will be closed and Allen won't have to commute in the middle of it.

I felt really left out when Allen and Jackson went out to shovel the snow, but I stood at the window and watched. My fancy schmancy camera takes good pictures even through the window.

And now for the part you really want to see...the pictures. Allen and Jackson went outside and after Allen finished shoveling and started brushing off the cars, Jackson knew it was his turn. How cute is he imitating his dad?

A few weeks ago, I mentioned our next door neighbor. We love her. Her name is Mo. She loves Jackson and he tolerates her. But here she is shoveling her driveway. Can you believe it?

Last week I showed Jackson how to make a snowball. What was I thinking?


  1. They are great pictures. They are so clear. The photos with the larger than life shovel are hilarious.

  2. You are SOOO lucky to have such a great guy!!! Not sure why you showed Jackson how to make a snow ball. Must have been a momentary lapse of sanity!
    Aunt Michele

  3. Great pictures that I just now got around to seeing! I love the look on Jackson's face holding that snowball. Uncle Mark


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