Monday, January 5, 2009


As you know, here in the big city we have a ton of traffic. Surprisingly there has even been a lot of traffic here on our little street. If you have been to visit you know how unusual this is. But luckily there is a fabulous guy who directs all the cars, trucks, buses and firetrucks.

He's recently started sharing his things with Miller. It lasts about 60 seconds before he reconsiders!


  1. What a good big brother!


  2. Before you know it they will be playing cars together!

    I really like your hair, it looks great! I once went brunette (I think it looks so classic) but it went too dark and then when they tried to fix it it turned orange..literally.

  3. What a long line of cars -- how long did it take him to get them lined up like that? Glad to see he's sharing, too!

  4. Oh, it took about a minute and a half. I guess if you have the inventory lining them up is a piece of cake!

  5. It's so sweet that they are playing together at all! I can't wait for that time...hopefully my daughter will share her toys at least some of the time! :)


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