Friday, May 22, 2009


Finally I can say that my baby has hair. For a long time I would say he had hair, but it was just clear. Is that silly? No he had hair but it was fine and blonde and you really couldn't see it. There is no question that Allen's sons will have hair--and lots of it, but for some reason it didn't look that way in the beginning.
But now it has come in thicker and fluffier and though it is still blonde it is now visible!

These days Jackson is really eager to help around the house with a few select chores. I say select because he is two and a half after all. He can take his sippy cup to the sink, but not his plate because he dumps crumbs on the floor as he walks. He can water the flowers with a watering can. Not houseplants because his version of watering involves turning the watering can upside down so the water dumps out of the hole and not the spout!

Jackson also loves pulling the recycling tubs to and from the street. I am hoping to hand off all trash and recycling chores to him in the next week or so. Just kidding!

I guess what I am saying is whether it is hair or help around here, I will take what I can get!


  1. Wow, Miller's hair really has grown since I was there! In your "Busy" post, I was thinking how Jackson is starting to look more like the 3-year-old he'll soon be. Glad that he's helping with chores.

  2. Miller's hair is precious.

    Glad that Jackson is finally earning his keep!


  3. Miss my wonderful boys........with or without hair of help!!

    Aunt Chele


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