Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ladies Man

It is official! Miller is a flirt. He loves the ladies, that one, but he will give men a chance too, but they typically don't reciprocate they way women do. Which is they way it should be, right?

We were eating dinner in a resturaunt last night and Miller was being his usual cute self, smiling at people, making cooing noises and laughing at the women who were waving to him. At first it just seemed to be two ladies who were vying for his attention, but then I noticed a few more. He had them all spellbound. They would take a bite of their food and then turn to see if they could get him to giggle or smile. Then I noticed that there were many people watching him and smiling at his adorable ways.

He had the whole area smiling and mesmerized. People would come and go, a few even stopping by the table as they left to say goodbye and touch his sweetness.
I realize that I am just a tad biased, but when people in public comment about how beautiful your children are, it makes me think that maybe I am not as biased as I thought.

It is also my pleasure to report that Jackson is going on 6 days with no potty accidents. This has been a most expensive and trying experience, but hopefully we are on the other side of it now. It is my ferverent hope that Miller will be a little bit easier on his mama than Jackson has been.


  1. You have precious, precious boys!

  2. With those eyes how could he not flirt? Congratulations on the six days that's really great!!


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