Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Things have been busy here. Even busier than normal.
Miller has 2 or 3 new teeth and an ear infection.
Jackson has finally been bribed enough to be mostly potty trained. Hooray for Big Boy pants. Clean and dry Big Boy pants!
The Pink Dogwood has been really busy. I have been doing 5-7 orders a week for the last several weeks and that is a lot!
Last weekend I sold a bunch of baby stuff at the Baby Bazaar that they have in our town. It was great to make a few $$$ on things we don't need any more. I just didn't realize all the work that goes into doing those things.
Allen has been working a different schedule, so we are adjusting to that. Not to worry he will switch again next week, so we will keep on adjusting. It's good for us, right?
Spring is finally here and we have enjoyed 2 beautiful days now. Let's hope the weather holds.
Who wants to see a picture of the boys?

They are really starting to play with each other and I LOVE IT! I wanted them close in age so that they would be friends. More than once I have wondered why I wanted to have them so close in age. Too much work! Nope!

Miller will chew on anything these days...necklaces, Diet Coke Cans, Jackson's toys!

All of Jackson's knees look like this.

Looks like he has used his jeans the way God intended for boys to use their jeans. No hand me down jeans! Miller will have to get new ones!

Hopefully things will slow down to a more manageable pace, but I'm not holding my breath!

We ordered a Big Boy Bed for Jackson. I'm scared!


  1. What cute boys. I miss you...can I come see you soon???


  2. Great pictures! Glad to hear your PD stuff is selling well. Was going to say that patches work well on jeans, but from the looks of things, they may end up more patch than jean by the time they'd be handed down!

  3. Ripped jeans are a sign of lots of good old fashioned play, the best kind! You will love how the boys will start to play together. Grace and Harris are best of friends and I love it (and there is almost three years between them!).


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