Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"I worked it."

I have a few cute stories to share, but this one is my favorite.

Here is a little background for you, which is what makes this story so sweet. Allen comes from a long line of handy men. By handy I mean they can do anything! So whenever they tackle a project that I think might be a little too much, they inevitably finish it and do a great job(Did I say that thorough is their middle name?). At which point I will say something like this, "Wow, you did a great job." The response is always the same, "I worked on it." As if to say, "What else would you expect from me?" Allen got this directly from his father, who says it in exactly the same tone, and who I suspect got it from his father as well. It is a nice little family tradition.

As we were putting together Jackson's new big boy room, I was removing the hardware from the bedside table so I could paint it. Spray paint it that is! Love me some spray paint. Anyway before I get all carried away and get off on the Bachelorette or something let me go back to what I was saying.

So after I had removed the hardware Jackson picked up the screwdriver and started working on it. By that, I mean that he was sticking the head of the screwdriver into the holes where the screws had been. When he had done enough "work" he said, "I finished." So being a former teacher I had to tell him that he had done a fine job on his "work". To which he responded, "I worked it."

As far as traditions go there are some that come and some that go, but I think this one is safe for another generation or two. That makes us happy.


  1. Too cute. And great pictures, as always!
    Yep, Dad has always said that. I hear that his daddy said it. I say it, Allen says it. I'm sure those words will even go somewhere in my dissertation manuscript.

  2. I am the fix-it man at my house. How wonderful will it be if you have THREE handy men in your house one day.

    Jealous in SC

  3. Love that tradition! It's seriously great.


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