Friday, June 5, 2009

Better Than Expected

Way back when I first started this blog, I showed you pictures of Jackson's big boy bedding (remember this post). At the time I had no idea when we were going to move Jackson to his big boy bed, but I was prepared with his bedding because you have to get these things when you see them, right?
We kept him in his crib for so long because he can be a handful and we just didn't want to mess with something that was working well for us. We thought it would be a tough transition. I imagined all sorts of things.

Well the time finally came.

I imagined that he would be playing in his room, or trying to get out of his room over and over again. I pictured us having to put one of those door knob things on so that he couldn't escape. I pictured us having to go in at about 11p.m. and pick him off the floor where he fell in an exhausted heap after hours of wailing. I pictured us putting him to bed after all his shenanigans and feeling awful that we had to lock him in his room.

Of all the scenarios I imagined, none of them was this: put him to bed, he stays in bed and talks to himself for about a half hour or so and then he falls asleep and stays asleep until morning (very early morning, but still morning).
We have had a couple on incidents, but nothing that won't heal in a week or so.
Since pictures are what you want, pictures are what you get! I did get the bedside table painted (spray paint of course!) but I have been unable to find a chambray dust ruffle, so pretend that it is on there, ok? You might be saying that I could get one from Pottery Barn Kids, but I'll tell you that those are not cheap. I'm waiting to get just what I want--at a rock bottom price!

This is looking into his room from the hall. His dresser is to the left and his big rocker is to the right.

This is just to the left of the door.

Here is a look at the bedding. It doesn't look quite like the calologue!

This was my mom's chair, my brother had it with his two girls, and now we have it. I think she is happy that I painted red.

This is a collage of pictures that hangs over jackson's dresser. He LOVES seeing the pictures of himself.

Here is the proud big boy on his new bed.

We were planning to arrange the room a little differently, we realized we needed to be able to put the rocker against the foot of the bed so that he would not tumble off again. Well that was the idea. Sunday night/ Monday morning at 4 a.m. he was howling. I went in and he was in bed and so upset. He kept pointing to his cheek, so I kissed it many times. He typically goes right back to sleep, but not this time. He freaked out every time I tried to leave. After an hour I had to just say, "I'm going."
When I went in to get him in the morning, he had a BIG purple bruise on his cheek, right where he had been pointing the night before. When I asked him what happened, he pointed to the stool that is in the tiny space between his rail on the side and the footboard. He managed to tumble out of the one small spot that was not fully enclosed. What can you do? Move him back to the crib? Nope, just move the stool so next time he rolls out, he doesn't hit it.

Now here is the part where I need your help. I bought two sets of the bedding so that when Jackson and Miller share a room it will all coordinate (and I got a sweet deal on it all). Well, I accidentally picked up one set of twin sheets and one twin duvet cover. Sooo, they don't have it in any of the stores or the outlets. So if anyone happens to spot a set of twin Pottery Barn Kids Oliver's Dog print sheets, get them for me and I'll pay you back. Should be a cinch, right? They look like this

Here's to our next transition being better than expected!


  1. Looks great and I'm so glad the transition has gone well! They do surprise us sometimes don't they? I love your photo collage too. I'll be looking for the sheets for you.

  2. I love the colors of the room. PBK quilts are so cute. I am looking forward to finding another one when we move up to a big bed. The headboard it perfect. The bedding pattern will stand the test of time. Does that bed turn into a bunk bed? Oh and Jackson looks adorable on his bed.


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