Saturday, June 20, 2009

One week

We went to Greenville for one week. Here is some of what we did. These pictures don't include any from my Mom's birthday--which was the whole reason that we went to Greenville in the first place. Happy Birthday MOM!
This trip was a trip of firsts.
We started things off right. If you don't have to hose them off before dinner then you didn't really PLAY in the country!
Jackson's first mud puddle

This is my sister's Great Dane, Sassy. She and Miller were like magnets. Jackson, not so much! Miller's first Great Dane love.

Here they are rolling around together. Can you find the baby?

Michele is friends with a helicopter pilot. He was kind enough to let us come see his helicopter and see his MANY cool toys.

Besides a helicopter he had a pretty sweet tractor in his hangar.

Jackson's first trip to the peach orchard.
Peaches are just coming into season. I love me some peaches!

Thanks for not mowing!

We got to see some of our friends.

Did I mention it is HOT in Greenville?

Feeding the fish at Aunt Chele's pond, it was the first time feeding them food and not rocks!

Indoor helicopter rides!

Holding a frog for the first time.

I was surprised at how gently Jackson held his frog.

We did a LOT of this! This was our first trip in the minivan.

Just a cute baby boy. His first time in a hangar.

We got to see Miss AnnaKate for a few minutes.

I'm tired!


  1. It was wonderful having you here! Can't wait to see my boys again! And my sis too of course

    Aunt Chele

  2. I am so glad we got to see you and play! Hope your birthday was great!!!!


  3. Looks like it was a lot of fun. How BIG the boys are getting! Can't wait to see them again in person. Have a great Fathers Day!

  4. Miss you already...August can't come soon enough!!!


  5. Looks like you had a great time! I love vacations!


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