Saturday, July 4, 2009

It Wouldn't Be a Vacation

It just wouldn't be a vacation without a trip to an Urgent Care Clinic! We are ready to roll out. Dog is boarded, bags are packed, coolers ready and then Jackson was running through the dining room and whacked his eye on the edge of the table. So since no vacation is complete without a trip to Urgent Care we went ahead and checked that one off the list!
We are fortunate that they opened a new facility near us! Hooray for that. They were fast, competent and did I mention fast! No stitches, just cleaned it out and said that since it is in the crease of his eyelid (OUCH!) they didn't need to do anything at all.
Oh and by the way, he was fine about 3 minutes after it happened. Me, it would ruin my month. Him, it ruined his 10 minutes! Love that boy!
See you when we come back!

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  1. So glad the Bug is ok!

    I will miss you bunches!



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