Thursday, July 30, 2009

My brother is going to be famous

Tomorrow (Friday), my brother Kirk is going to be on the Today show! How's that for famous? They are doing a piece on the California coast and called him to take them sailing. He was happy to oblige since taking people sailing is his job. Cool gig if you can get it, right? If you are interested in sailing the San Francisco Bay, he's your guy.
It should be on between 7 and 9 a.m. so watch it if you can.


  1. How exciting! I'm going to have to tell my Mom (who watches the Today show religiously) to be on the lookout!

  2. I hate it that I missed it. Can't wait to watch it with you.


  3. DANG IT!!!!!! I shoulda checked your blog yesterday so I could set the dvr. I spent all morning running kids all over the place, so I missed it! I always have it on when I'm at home. Hope I can see it sometime. Love YOU! Cathy


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