Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Do you know what this is?

Yep, it is a tall stack of blue jeans.

9 Pairs of blue jeans to be exact.

Why would I need 9 pairs of jeans, you ask?

1) Because last year Jackson went through all 3 pairs of jeans I bought him and wore through the knees. I am ok with that. Wearing out the knees means that he is playing a lot and playing is good.

2)Because you can't find boys jeans at consignment.

3)Because Jackson is thin and when you can find a pir of pant that fit, you buy several pairs.

But 9 pairs seems like a lot for one boy.

Well they aren't for one boy.

They are for 2 boys.

4 pairs for Jackson (because last year 3 was not enough).

4 pairs for Miller (he will be 3 one day, though it pains my uterus to think it)!

1 pair as a back up.

But why buy so many right now, when it is the middle of stinkin' hot July?

Because when you this kind of deal, you have to get while the gettin' is good.

See that?

It says $3.24

Yes, that is 75% off.

And did I mention that they fit?

Ahhhh. I only wish that they has other sizes other than 3T.

I would have bought them all.

Don't worry, if you live here in MD, there are still lots left at the Target at Rio.

But go, and go now, because now I know that this blog has at least 11 readers and they may go and grab them all.

No wait, all the readers are in Greenville.

Oh well, still go!


  1. Leave it to my sister to buy out Target of 3T jeans! You always love a bargain!

  2. I am SO there in 3 and a half hours. It is hard to find that color of jeans at consignment too!

  3. My bargain shopping friend!! Yippee...

  4. Good deals are good deals. You do have 1 reader in Albuquerque...but I wouldn't be competition for buying 3T boys' jeans. :) I'll get my wonderful nephews other things for their birthday, knowing that fit is hard to get right 2000 miles away.


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