Wednesday, September 30, 2009

He IS charming

Recently, my shoes are scattered all over the place and it is tough to find a matching pair in one place.
The Butternean has been doing this:

I find it absolutely charming.

Now I need to go put another coat of paint on the back door, so we can reveal the kitchen soon!


  1. Hey Holly! Thanks for the carseat advice you left on my blog. The twins are actually doing better in the car (knock on wood) so I'm hoping they've accepted their fate. But, I was just telling my husband that we need to start looking at "regular" carseats because we have a 6 hour trip coming up in November. I think they would like riding in those a lot better.

    It sounds like you guys have been doing some home improvements. Can't wait to see pics of the kitchen!

    Mighty Max :)

  2. Oh, I forgot to say...CUTE kiddos! :)


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