Monday, September 28, 2009

Just to be Fair

In case I gave you the impression that Jackson is the only one who is mischievous around here, I wanted to correct that misconception. Miller has lots of nicknames, but lately he has been called Naughty Baby more often than he is called his real name.
This is what you think of when you think of Miller. Sweet baby.

A hint of a smile, or is that an impish grin coming on.

Profile of an angel.

See the happy baby playing in a puddle on the driveway. I just sprayed the plants, so I know it was clean water (wink, wink)!

Well maybe, he just wants to see what it feels like on his hands.

Um, what is he doing? Looking at his reflection, right?

Oh, he is drinking that *clean* water from the puddle on the driveway!

Since I know I am still in the running for mother of the year, I took his picture. I am going to have some pictures to show him when he is older. I think those look like great bribery photos there. After all, we bribe because we care!
Then there is this one. We came home from Target, and I put my purse in the closet, but must have not shut the door fully. I'm going around putting things away and then come back into the living room and find this

In the closet there was a very full COSTCO sized contained of baby formula. We didn't need it and I have a friend whose son is using that formula. we were going to give it to her until he did this. How? Why? How? I ended up burning up the vacuum cleaner on this one.

Oh yes, that is Jackson's hand reaching in there. And yes, I popped it too.

Now that we have any misconceptions cleared up, I just want to say. I am so thankful that I have to curious boys who think of ways to entertain me and keep me on my toes. No matter how tough it gets, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Oh and since Kelly has been telling me that I am teasing you about the kitchen, I will tell you this. I will be revealing kitchen pictures later this week. It's not teasing, it's called building anticipation!

That one is for you Kelly!


  1. That is the most precious boy in the world! You deserve all the trouble he gives you...I don't know why but I think it is all cute! Maybe because I don't have to clean up his mess!!!

    The kitchen is magical...I just can't wait to come back and drink some wine and cook crab cakes in that kitchen!


  2. We all know where your boys get their mischief.....and it's not their Daddy!
    Hey who put up that new light? Are they still alive or just hospitalized from the shock? Can't wait to see the completed pix!
    Aunt Chele

  3. I agree, I think it's super cute but I'm glad I don't have to clean it up!

    Love the "building of anticipation!"


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