Friday, November 13, 2009

Just what I needed

After a tough week, I got just what I needed. Reading these posts really put it all in perspective.
My boys have been a little sick and we have made way too many visits to the Dr. BUT we have total access to world class medicine.
My children make a mess because they pull things out and leave them all over the place. BUT it is because we have so much. A house with roomS and lots of things to fill them up. Most importantly, the boys are curious enough to explore their surroundings.
We have a great support from all the people who love us.
All this is a contrast to what the people on the Compassion trip are seeing now. It was just what I needed exactly when I needed it!


  1. You're right of course! It is sometimes all too easy to forgot exactly how grand and easy we have it.

    That said we do have tough weeks and I hope yours gets better. Life with two little ones can be soooo wonderful but it can also be frustrating, difficult and exhausting! The children are so lucky to have you as their Mom!

  2. Perspective...that is a great word!



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