Thursday, November 12, 2009

You can skip this post

Feel free to skip this post. This is just me documenting, not complaining, but it is just as much a part of our story as is all the fun stuff we do.
We're trying to take a more deliberate approach to what we feed Jackson. He won't starve himself and at the same time when he throws it on the floor, it is just plain frustrating!
Not much progress has been made on that front, but we will continue because it is the right thing to do.
Jackson and Miller have had colds for a while. Nothing terrible, but the coughing and snot is keeping them from sleeping soundly.
I took J to the Dr. to check his cough since it has been ongoing for a couple of weeks. The Dr. said that it was allergy related and had us "try" a nasal spray. Went to pick it up at the pharmacy and was told that it was $70. Huh? I asked if they had run it through our insurance and she said she had. It seems that this spray only comes in one size of bottle. Since he is little he only uses one spray per day, so the bottle is a two month supply. So with a $35 co-pay for brand name drugs, that comes to $70. We will "try" it!
His behavior has been plain awful at times. He is doing things out of spite. Usually it is related to us not giving in to his demands. For instance he drops food on the floor that he doesn't want to eat. We give him a warning and so he looks at us as he drops a second one on the floor. He gets sent to time out. When he returns to the table he repeats his trick. He gets sent to his room. While in there (this happened on 2 consecutive nights)he has 1) spread Balmex around. 2) Tinkled on his chair. I spanked him after the tinkling on the chair. Didn't seem to work because he then got in the tub and proceeded to take a cup of water and dump it out onto the floor-deliberately. So out he goes, no more bath for him.
He just doesn't get it. We will not allow him to continue this behavior. One day (SOON we hope) he will figure it out.
Meanwhile Miller continues to take our house apart on an hourly basis. He finds something inspects it moves to another spot, drops it and picks up something else. We're happy he is curious, but it is a constant game of keep away. Toys in the closet, shoes in the kitchen, Tupperware in the bathtub, bibs in his bedroom. He had his 15 month checkup yesterday and got 4 shots. (OUCH!) He was pronounced a perfectly typical baby. Thank God for that! He also has an ear infection. Which would explain why he has been waking up in the nights. We thought he was teething and was uncomfortable from his H1N1 shot on Monday. Could be teething, could be the shot, could be the ear infection! It's all good, we visited the pharmacy (again!) and are on the way to getting that fixed. Thank God for good medicine and our insurance. The last 3 days have cost us $170 in Dr. visits, shots and prescriptions. This doesn't count Miller's well visit, or the other things that insurance has covered. We are fortunate in that respect.
We will keep on keeping on, this is just a tough patch. It isn't that bad! We have a home, cars, a good marriage and most importantly 2 happy (relatively), healthy (relatively) boys. Oh and we have a mighty fine dishwasher too!

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