Thursday, November 5, 2009


Have I told you that the Bug is a picky eater? I have? Well it is getting on my nerves! As of today, he eats PB&J with no crusts, French toast with no crusts, pancakes, bagels with cream cheese, pasta with parmesean, granola bars, all types of crackers and chips, yogurt (but only the white kind), applesauce, some kinds of cheese and dried fruit. Oh, he does it all sorts of sweets. It is just plain ridiculous. Basically give him a simple carb and top it with a fat and he is good.

I know that I am partially to blame because I allow him to be this way, but I honestly don't know what I am supposed to do. I have tried everything (I think). I have bribed. I have negotiated. I have been kind. I have tried to talk it out. I have tried being firm. I have gotten angry. I have gotten frustrated, and I have done the time-out thing! It's really frustrating. Do I sound like I should be on an infomercial before they tell you how to stop picky eating forever? They could so choose him to be their case study!

I think I need to make some changes around here. The Food Revolution was a partial success. It stopped most of the bad behaviors, like throwing food, but it has done nothing to change the fact that his pickiness is just getting obnoxious. I have stopped making a seperate dinner for him, he can have what we're having, or not. His choice. Tonight we had beef stew, corn muffins, I added cut up apples for the boys. He ate a corn muffin.

Suggestions? Let me have them? Even you, the people who read my blog but never comment, I know you are there and I need you! Tell me what to do! Even if you don't tell me what to do tell me something. Please?! I'll give a Reece's Cup if you just type one little word! Oops there I go again!


  1. How is his weight? Is he following his growth curve? Does he take a vitamin?

    Will has become picky and I have let him start all the bad habits that I rolled my eyes at parents for allowing. I can tell you what you are "supposed" to do. That does not mean I do it or that it will work :)

  2. Another possible contributor is reflux. Has he ever had it? Does he burp alot after he eats? Sometimes it is not obvious. If it hurts when you eat, you don't want to eat. Carbs make your tummy feel good. How about the other end. When you are stopped up you don't want more to go in. Just ideas.

  3. Sounds EXACTLY like Emerson....I struggle too, but I;m trying not to worry about it. She eats only dried fruit as well, and the other night I put regular apple slices on her plate. She promptly asked me to remove them from her plate. I would not, so as she picked them up to put them onto the table, she licked them!! Progress?? Maybe, maybe not....
    Just wanted you to know you had someone int he boat with you! Love you my friend!

  4. I'm sorry that you are dealing with this and so frustrated! You are not alone. All I can share with you is what we have done BUT let me preface by saying that both of our children are extremely good eaters and will usually eat whatever I put in front on them (so I don't really have any tried and true advice).

    We never ever make them other food besides what we are eating. They will not allow themselves to starve so if they are hungry they will eventually eat. Also, we do not really allow them to have any kind of snack close to mealtime. Also, we stay away from a lot of the traditional "kid" food because that seems to feed into the whole thought that children can't/won't eat "adult" food. We also have a rule that you must try a least a bite of every food on your plate. Admittadly, we have always had this rule so the children don't put up a fight. I think this might be hard to come up with a consequence for... it's not like you can force them to eat it. One other thing that I think as helped is that we always eat dinner together- all four of us. Of course this means that we don't eat until almost 7:00 (maybe that's why they eat everything... they are starving!) but they see that we are eating exactly what they are.

    Hope this was helpful...I'll be waiting for my Reece's cup!


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