Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday

At the risk of embarrassing him, I wanted to wish Allen a happy birthday. We celebrated this weekend, because after all, he is married to me and I think everyone should get a birthday season. That might be a bit much for him, and though he is not one to celebrate, having young children makes it tolerable for him. Oh, and the lemon cake made it slightly better. As did eating brunch at his favorite Mexican restaurant.
So in order to really embarrass him, I'll tell you just a few of the reasons that I love him...

He is such a hard worker, who never gives up.
He loves his boys with his whole heart, and they love him back just as much!
He supports me and most of my ideas-just not the crazy ones.
He can do anything he sets his mind to.
He is humble and loyal, two of the most wonderful traits a person can have.
He is the most diplomatic person I know. He always finds the kindest way to say things.
He takes care of me, and seems to enjoy doing it.

Happy Birthday Allen


  1. Fun picture. Glad you enjoyed celebrating it as much as I am sure he did.

  2. Happy Birthday to the best husband and father I know! Love you Allen!!!

    Aunt Chele


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