Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Moves

In the midst of all this indoor time I have been learning some new moves on my machine. For the longest time I have wanted to learn how to applique, but just didn't know where to begin.
A friend of mine (Hi Kim!) asked if I could applique and I had to tell her that I had been meaning to learn, but hadn't yet. My head hung a bit lower, so I decided to do something get on it.
After Googling it and finding a couple of neat sites and some "How-to's", I decided I was ready to give it a shot.

First I made this.

It was cute but crooked. I needed practice!
So then I made this.

After that I made this.

And then...


At this point I think my boys are going to have applique shirts to wear 3 a day, but they are so cute, I just can't help myself.

After I get some good examples made, I will get them on my Etsy site, but for now, I am just playing.

Today I made this. Anyone know someone I can send this to for their birthday next month?

If you NEED one, let me know, and I'll hook you up.


  1. Yo got a BIG smile out of me as I scrolled down...I LOVE IT!!!

    You have gotten so good at your applique but I think you are going to need more girl practice..hint...hint!!! HA

    I love all of them!!


  2. I'll have one of each please!!!!!!! Precious!!!!!!


    I NEED a t-shirt with that cute circle/birdie thing. Would be so cute on a pink T. Do you have more T's? If not, I'll send you some. GOTTA have some of these. :) Good work, my friend! Call me so we can work out the details. xo Cat

  4. Oh my goodness, those are cute! Really, really cute.

  5. Wow you amaze me!!! How about practicing with something dinosourish and the name Izzy or Ricky??? I think those would be a hit!!!


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