Monday, March 15, 2010

A Mess

This boy is a mess. Have I mentioned that it is a mistake to turn your back on him. This is what he did while I made a PB&J.

Notice the vent on the fridge is off, my makeup bag is behind him on the doormat and there is a magnet in his mouth.

This is what he did while I was cutting up veggies for a salad.

This is what he does if you do not keep your hand on his. Nothing says yummy like colored wax!

I don't have a picture of the mess he made in his room during nap. He didn't want to nap, so he sat in his bed and gagged himself until he threw up. Nice. And the cherry on top was that it was on him, the sheets, bumpers (yes, all 4 of them), the mattress pad, and the crib. Oh, and his hair too.
Speaking of a mess. My house is always a mess. The other day I was picking up the stuff that is scattered all over the place by him and talking bitterly to myself, "There is make-up in the kitchen and a ladle in my bedroom."

He went through 4 complete outfits today. I'd go crazy if I tried to keep count, but If I did, I would tell you that I did 5 loads of laundry yesterday, and 3 today.
Since my word for the year is "Choose", I get to choose how I feel about it. Part of me thinks it is mildly amusing, but the other part thinks it is a huge pain. So I guess I will choose to keep loving this boy despite what mess he truly is.


  1. Glad my kid is not the only one puking in the bed. UHHH! It always make me feel horrible.

  2. That is my angel! I know it may be frustrating to you but it just makes me laugh hysterically until I end up in time out! Ha Ha Ha Ha

    Aunt Chele


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