Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Adjustment has been tough. It's not easy to go from living like a queen to living like...a mom.
At the end of my second vacation, I was ready. Ready to come home to my boys. Ready to resume our life. Ready to take on all that being a mom entails. Well maybe not the tempertantrums and whining. That I can do without. About 24 hours after getting home, I felt like I had never been on vacation at all!
Mother's Day snuck up on me. As in I was at Muffins for Moms on Friday at Jackson's preschool and they told me Happy Mother's Day and I realized Mother's Day was THAT Sunday. So much for sending my mom a card, or a present!
Mother's Day was wonderful. I got to sleep in, and spend some time without 2 boys in craft stores, have a nice meal out, and after the boys were in bed, a little craft time. Perfect!
Yesterday was excellent too. Until there was projectile vomiting-twice from Jackson and and a head butt, from Miller,that I am pretty sure broke my nose.
Good thing that I got this little lovely for Mother's Day to remind me of what holds my heart.
Thank you!

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