Monday, May 24, 2010

By Myself

No, this post isn't about me getting to go somewhere by myself.  I did get to go here and here this Spring and it's not likely that I'll get to go anywhere by myself for the next 15 years!  Not that I'm counting!
Anyway, this post is really about what Jackson can do all by himself.  It's not a major milestone like this, but something I didn't think I'd see in my lifetime.  It's not that he couldn't do it.  It's more like he wouldn't do it. 

You see my boy has a big head.  He gets it from me--and his dad too!  Making putting on shirts a bit more of a challenge.  He really doesn't like getting his ears pulled on when he is putting his shirt on, or off for that matter!  So he has been very reluctant to dress himself.  It's easier for him to let us do it for him.  Frankly, I like dressing him.  Why would I want him to dress himself when he might then decide to have an input into what he wears?  I've seen what can happen when kids dress themselves. Sometimes it works and sometimes it DOESN'T!  Why run the risk?    So up until now he just lets us dress him.

Those days are numbered. I had out his clothes and then he went and put them on all by himself. No help at all.
Maybe we should work a little on directionality, but some details are over rated!  I mean how cute does he look just like this?  How proud is he?  He was telling me I needed to take a picture of the bear because it was on his back.  Bless his heart!  He doesn't even know it was backwards.

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  1. Hey his pants were on right, and so were his socks for that matter. Who cares if the one thing backwards is his shirt? Certainly not Jackson....bear is still there. Ha Ha


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