Thursday, May 27, 2010

No way!

My sister is my number 1 blog reader.  She checks it twice a day and calls to remind me that I haven't updated it lately.  She also took me here.

Two years ago she took me here.  Miller go to go too since Iwas 6 months pregnant with him.  We loved the "lazy" tower of terror river!

Besides taking me on fabulous vacations, she is a wonderful sister.  She is a wonderful cheerleader, and she always has my back.  She is also the first to tell me if she thinks I am making a mistake...not that I've ever made one!

 My boys love their Aunt chele and she loves them right back. She spoils them, she laughs when they are naughty and she encourages them to be curious mischievious!  But then she gives them her "eye" and they stop dead in their tracks.  She can be tough too!

My sister is having a birthday today, and it's a BIG one!  So if you know her, wish her Happy Birthday, and if you don't you can still wish her happy birthday.  Just don't wish that she finds a man whose company she enjoys more than mine or I am going to be down to ONE vacation a year!  Just kidding sis, I love you and I wish you all the happiness in the world!
Happy Birthday Michele.  Now stop crying!

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