Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear Santa

Our computer is still feeling under the weather.  It looks like we will have to erase everything and try to start over.

On the other hand Jackson's foot is almost completely healed and he rarely comments on it anymore.

The boys have been enjoying all the Christmas spirit and fun surrounding the season.  We have an ELF on the Shelf that they named something else last year, then when it came time this year, none of us could remember his name, so they were fine renaming him.  This year his name is Happy and he is so fun to have around.  You can see Jackson look over his shoulder as he does something he shouldn't.

Shortly after Thanksgiving J decided that he wanted a Spanish talking Buzz Lightyear from Santa.  Well we already have 2 talking Buzz Lightyears.  Both of them are could be labeled broke down and just plain broken.  There was no way I was asking Santa to get him a new Buzz.  I mean, we all know Santa also asks the moms if that is what SHE wants him to give the kids!  Anyway, he never changed his mind, it was always a Spanish talking Buzz Lightyear.

I think you'll agree that the LAST thing he needs is a Spanish talking Buzz Lightyear.  We don't speak much Spanish at home, and Buzz Lightyear toys are obviously not durable enough for our kind of play.  I kept telling him that since Santa doesn't speak Spanish, he couldn't make a Spanish talking Buzz Lightyear.  Do you know what?  He didn't listen to me!  The nerve.

The thing was that he never changed his mind.  It was all he was talking about.  Then about a week or so ago his teacher pulled me aside and said he REALLY wanted a Spanish talking Buzz Lightyear.  I was feeling a little down that day and called Santa at work and gave him the news.  We were in need of a Spanish talking Buzz Lightyear, and fast.  Santa agreed and ordered his elves at Amazon to get to work on it.

How many more years will the magic last?  Not that long.  Why not?  I was happy that we were going to make his dream come true!

That night I was feeling a little smug and asked him what he wanted Santa to bring him.  So he says, "A Spanish talking Buzz Lightyear with floaties so he can swim with me, and a remote control so he can pick the apples off the top of the apple tree at Papa's."

Huh?  Where did that come from?

So I gather myself and say, "Honey I don't know if Santa knows how to make all that extra stuff."  While laughing and running away, my baby says to me, "No Mama, his elves will make it."

I've been known to get my craft on, but let's hope that the professionals at the North Pole are much craftier than I am!

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  1. I completely know how you feel! Harris has asked for a "black lab" pillow pet. When I gently told him that they don't make black lab ones he informed me not to worry that Santa will just make one. Tricky huh?


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