Friday, December 31, 2010

Much Merriment was Had

Having children this age makes Christmas so magical.  They love every bit of it.  So do we!

This was our first Christmas with stairs.  I loved having them come down and see that Santa had come.
Proof that Santa had come.  Traditional cookies were left.  Jackson also felt that we should, "Offer Santa some pasta."
So we did.  He apparently liked it.

First we did stockings.  Santa is known for his contradictory nature.



Nana browsing her magazine that Santa brought her.
Uncle Mark was pleased that Santa included some Bahamian currency in his stocking.
Papa giving Jackson MORE chocolate.

Then it was time to eat breakfast.
Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon rolls.  They are sinfully delicious!

Can I open this one?  No.  Can I open this one?  No.  How about this one?  Nope.  Not until after breakfast. 
 It's almost time!

Butterbean liked stacking the gifts up.  Everything can be turned into blocks!

 J sporting some new shades.
I totally fell down on the job as photographer.  I was too busy enjoying it all.  Imagine this about 20 times more.  They got some wonderful gifts.

Also there are no pictures of any adults opening gifts.  Because that would be boring, right?
Except that I got one not so boring gift.  It satrs with i and ends with pad.  Thanks Michele.  I promise to blog every day with it.  Or at least twice a month!

Allen and I gave each other some cruisers.  Can't wait to take them for a spin around the hood!

OOps!  Some of the boys presents fell off the sleigh and were on the front steps.

 Hola amigos, yo soy hablar español Buzz Lightyear!

Cranky the Crane

They boys got dressed and drove their Morphibians on our beach.  Didn't end up that great.  They were fun while they lasted!

It was about 80 degrees that day.  Don't hate me, but it was H-O-T!

We had a wonderful Christmas in our new home.


  1. Yea Yea! Love getting new blogs! Better keep that iPad going since you promised all sorts of things if you got one!

    Aunt Chele

  2. Looks like fun. I love that Santa dropped a few outside. He may do that here next year. Glad you guys are settled in and feeling at home.


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