Thursday, March 3, 2011

Breaking It Down

The Butterbean has always been known for his dancing skillz.  He is really partial to any music with a good beat.  His girl, Charlotte was over last week and he had an opportunity to show her his new moves.  How could she not love a guy who has these moves.  Wish I had been able to video him.


Move 1- Booty wiggle


Move 2- Gettin’ Jiggy Wid it



Move 3- Dancing on the furniture


Move 4- Singing and dancing


Move 5- Headspin!  I swear he has never seen a headspin, but he can do it.


Jackson, bless his heart, has 2 dance moves: jumping up and down and marching.

Charlotte has some sweet moves herself!

DSC_0483 DSC_0471

These two are quite a dynamic duo.  If God ever decided to make a female Miller, Charlotte would be it.  Adorable, charming and always into something!

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  We need a video!  I’m on it


  1. Awesome. Really, really awesome.

  2. You need to video Miller doing his Junkanoo dance!

  3. I can totally hear and see those two dancing it up! We will have to have a dance off next time I am there.

    Aunt Chele


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