Monday, March 14, 2011

Every Day is a Zoo

While J was on his Winter break we visited the Zoo.  We have been to several zoos in our time and I have to say that this trip to the zoo was different than any other.

They had a black swan.


Don’t be jealous of my mad photography skillz.


He’s not at all scared.  I am, though.  Those things are mean!

Then we saw some lizards and turtles.  I have no pictures because I was chasing M all over the place.  He’s a little too big for the stroller and a little to crazy to be free.  What’s a mom to do?

I think the obvious answer is to get a leash.  I kid.  Not really.

Then there was the flamingo show. 

The flamingos were just milling about before the show.  I love his expression when he sees that they are right there!


Even Miller was momentarily stunned into stopping briefly!



I never knew flamingos would march.  They totally did!

DSCN2066There are flamingos AND tourists.  Love seeing tourists because it reminds me how special it is to LIVE here!     DSCN2046



I have only pictures of the back of his head.  He liked the flamingos a lot.  He wanted to touch them so badly!

DSCN2064Unfortunately for him, they picked J to go into the show.  He was too shy, so our friends went in for some bumping from the flamingos.  She wasn’t at all intimidated by the flamingos bumping her! 


Then it was time to feed the Lorikeets(small parrots).  That was really awesome.  They will land right on your arm and you feed them apple slices.


Here are two of them where you can see their gorgeous colors.  DSCN2068 And that even beautiful creatures argue.  My guys sure are fun to look at, but being their mom at the zoo that day was a “challenge” to say the least.  Next time we will have to have take two parents!

It is a pretty small zoo, which is a good thing!  By this time I was D-U-N done.  And that was the end of the zoo!

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