Sunday, March 20, 2011


Every six months or so, I measure and weigh the boys just out of curiosity.  I’m always surprised that Jackson seems to hold steady during the fall and winter and then shoot up during the summer.
Miller grows whenever it suits him.
Last week I got out our measuring stick and scale.  Jackson is holding steady at 42 pounds.  He gained half a pound since August.  Miller topped the scale at 35 pounds, gaining 7 pounds since August!  My back had been telling me he was bulking up, but the scale doesn’t lie.
When I measured them, Jackson has grown a little less than an inch.  Typical Jackson to only grow in the Summer.  I find it strange that his size 4 clothes, especially his shirts are looking a bit short.  Luckily his uniform has shorts and those don’t show as much as  when they get a bit short.
Miller on the other hand grew 2 and a half inches in the same 6 months.  He’s now mostly in size 3 clothes.
Jackson has always worn a size larger on top than on bottom, so I find some things coming out of Jackson's drawer and going right into Miller’s.  I love adjustable waists!
For the umpteen millionth time, I have decided to crack down on the eating.  They aren’t particularly happy about it, but they are doing alright.  More veggies and some meat, less pasta and peanut butter sandwiches.  Wish me luck!
The bottom line is that I’m glad summer clothes are in the stores now (online is all I can shop from) and get these boys some new clothes.

p.s. The crew cuts on the boys were an accident.  I keep telling myself that they will grow.  I’m still ticked about the situation.  I can do a crew cut, I took them in for a haircut.  UGH!
p.p.s. Their father likes it.


  1. I like the hair :) Maybe because Will has a crewcut, and Mark is the one that does it :)

  2. Uncle Mark likes the haircuts too. Sharp lookin'! Reminds me I need to get a haircut soon (needed one a week ago or more).


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