Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter and the Bahamas Crud

A few days before Jackson’s Spring Break he came down with a bad cough, stuffy head, goopy eyes and plugged ears.  We made a trip to the doctor and were told us that he seemed to have allergies and given drops for the eyes and told to take allergy medicine.  After a couple of days he seemed worse, so I called back and they prescribed him an anti-biotic.  It took a full 7 days but he did get better.  Spring Break was very boring mellow here.
We had started a little group of moms with 2 year olds trying to give our own swim lessons.  Like everything else here, swimming lessons are crazy expensive.  However, learning to swim early is vital here.  Not to whine, but there is nothing to do here besides going to the beach or the pool.  All of us have older children who learned to swim fine with a little help from assorted swim classes elsewhere.  We feel confident sure that we can teach our children to swim.  If not we can still do swim lessons later in the season.
Miller and all the other little ones made good progress.  They aren’t swimming, but they aren’t freaking out anymore.  Then Miller was getting goo coming from his ears.  Ugh!  Since he has tubes in his ears we were able to give him drops and a decongestant and he was fine in a couple of days.
We had to put the swimming on hold because one by one all of our friends (moms and kids) have been taken down by the Bahamas crud.  Everyone has had a different diagnosis.  Ear infections, Pink Eye, Bronchitis, Influenza and allergies the list goes on.
About mid week I was taken down by the Bahamas crud.  Allen was a few days behind me.  Our Easter was not that great.  Basically Allen and I took turns resting all day.  We did go out for dinner with some friends.  At a real restaurant!  We had Thai.  Holidays in the Bahamas are odd!
The boys loved their Easter baskets and didn’t know that they were missing anything.  That makes me sad because Easter is NOT about jellybeans and the Easter Bunny.  Hopefully some of the Easter stories we read them leading up to Easter soaked in a little bit.
Aunt Chele hooked them all kinds of Easter goodies.  They were able to experience the goodness that is known as Cadbury Creme Eggs and Reece’s Peanut Butter Eggs.
I thought he would know to eat the Peeps, not lick them.  Apparently these boys have led deprived existences so far!
A peeps and chalk bunny diorama.  Is that strange to you?
Look who tried to eat his chocolate bunny with the wrapper on?!?
Thanks Aunt Chele!
Jackson was ready to go back to school on Tuesday and I was ready for the doctor.  I have Bronchitis.  Boo.  Thank goodness for good medicine.  I was feeling a big difference within 24 hours.
Hopefully all of our friends will kick our sicknesses at once.  Until then we will be laying low!

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