Saturday, April 30, 2011


We love having visitors here.  It’s not just that they bring us things from the U.S. (I’d be lying if I said that it certainly wasn’t a a nice perk), but having people who have known us longer than a few months is nice.  Being here has been compared to being at the company picnic every day.  It’s true.  People who know you and love you despite your quirks are so refreshing!
Last week our friends Kelly and Billy came to our island while on a cruise.  Kelly and I have been friends since elementary school, lived together in college and talk as often as possible.  I could (and should) do an entire post on our friendship.  Billy was a great addition in the early 90’s. The fact that he and Allen get along so well is a bonus.  They’re stuck with each other, so enjoying each other’s company does have it’s benefits.
Allen was able to get a day off (mostly), so we picked them up downtown early in the morning, but maybe not early enough!  They were able to experience a little discomfort local culture as they waited for us in front of the hard Rock Cafe!  Character building moment #1.
Then we took them to our house where showed them our house and tried to show them the fish.  You know, the fish that live right off of our dock, the ones that we feed every day, and have names for them…The fish totally punked us and were nowhere to be found.
We left the boys at home with a sitter and swung by our neighborhood beach to see the sea turtles.  They didn’t disappoint a bit, as they were right off shore munching on the seaweed that the wind was carrying in.  Then we took them to one of our favorite beaches.  We just walked and collected shells and sea glass and had such a nice time.  So what if we took off without our cameras or sunscreen!  Oops!
**Public service announcement** We usually wear sunscreen every day.  This day the boys weren’t with us and we slipped up.  We learned our lesson!
Forgive me for some of the pictures being so small.  I stole them right off of  her Picassa album.  Yes they are protected.  Hope she understands that this was done in the name of blogging!
047 DSCN5666
Afterwards we ate at a restaurant that has authentic Bahamian food.  It was absolutely delicious.  The view and the company were fabulous too!  They came all the was from SC and we took them to a place called Traveler’s Rest.  In Greenville we called it TR.  If you are from Greenville you’ll understand.  If not just keep on reading…
From there we went to another favorite beach for some sitting on the beach action.  It was pretty windy, so we weren’t getting the full beach experience, but it was perfect nonetheless.
Next stop was the world famous Daq Shack.  Fruit, ice, rum and simple syrup.  Perfection.
DSCN5676 DSCN5674
070   065 066 068
Our next destination was for a quick stop at our nice grocery store.  I had to use the restroom there, and thought Kelly might want to go to, so I invited her along with me.  I don’t ever think she will be the same.  I think her quote was, “That’s what they make hand sanitizer for!!”  Or maybe it was, “Do you buy your meat here?”  Um, yes.  When I showed her the normal looking ground beef there, she was just a little put off by the fresh beef hearts beside the ground beef.  Sorry friend.   Character building moment #2!
Our last stop was another beach.  Yes, we were at 4 beaches that day.  This one has phenomenal  sea glass and Kelly really racked up.
After that we were sad to see them go, but hopefully their short visit just whetted their appetite and they will come back again for more character building fun in the sun.
DSCN5667 DSCN5666
If you are still reading, then you my friend, are my friend.


  1. Oh, what fun! Aren't old friends the very best? You all look fabulous (from what I could see in the 2 inch pictures- ha!).

  2. Looks like a great time. And you got the bonus of adult only time. What is that like? Ha!

  3. Your friend and friends Mom--so glad everyone had such a good time while I was baby sitting and enduring strep throat

  4. Glad you guys had such a great time. They will have to come back for longer next time! And I am the * to reading your whole blog since I am your sister. I read every one and can't wait for the next one! Miss and LOVE you.

    Aunt Chele

  5. Ha! I AM your friend, my friend! Love that y'all had a great visit. Hope your mom is on the mend. Love you!! Cat

  6. Holly,
    I was perusing facebook, saw Kelly's latest post and was once again reminded of your blog. I had to laugh as I scrolled down. I must truly be your friend as I read the whole post! Glad to hear you and the family are well.
    Same here, but happy to have 7th grade come to a close...
    dealing w/periods, boyfriends and first kisses-HELP!
    I love you, and think of you and our fun times often:)


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