Wednesday, April 6, 2011

update and randomness

because i’m tired i’m not capitalizing.  i may never capitalize again-ever.
almost 2 weeks ago my mom got sick and was admitted to the hospital.  she’s still there.  she’s getting better, finally, but still in the hospital.
i flew to see her.  i loved on her.  she liked that!
thankfully i came to two happy boys.  thanks allen for being such a great husband and father.  we had a great helper named norma.  so nice to know my babies were well cared for and i could focus on mom.
then when i came back, jackson is swimming.  really swimming.  like jumping off the side of the pool trying to do a flip.  now if i can just get him to pick his head up and breathe.  so excited to see what happens this summer!
not one to be left out, miller is sticking his face under and kicking too.  it all has to be done on his terms, but he is making big progress.  he is climbing into the pool on his own and cruising along the side.  scaring the daylights out of me, but i know he’s going to be a fish in the blink of an eye.
nope those pictures have nothing to do with the pool, but the boys are jumping in them.  did i promise you randomness?
pretty sunsets are always something that make me happy.  they also remind me of my mom.  she loves a good sunset!

and because i know inquiring minds want to know…
the boys have been eating great.  some meats, some veggies.  finally progress!  two and a half years later i am seeing some progress.

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