Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Weekend Adventure

By the title of the post, you may think that we did this last weekend.  It’s a little misleading but showing pictures immediately after they happen would require me to download pictures more frequently.  I think my awesome sister would love to get me this for my upcoming birthday, so I can download pictures (and blog) easier!  What do you think?
Ok I digress.  
We were able to go to Atlantis over Mother’s Day weekend.
We didn’t stay there.
We slept in our own beds.
We can do that since we live about 15 minutes away.
Until the AC broke.
Another story for another day.
Sounds thrilling.
The boys loved the aquarium part of Atlantis.
 DSCN5677  DSCN5679 DSCN5678DSCN5680 DSCN5681 DSCN5685 DSCN5687 DSCN5694 DSCN5696 DSCN5706   
The kids pool was amazing as well.
Slides, sprayers, buckets, squirt things!
This is how Miller swims.  He uses his arms and legs on the bottom of a shallow pool.  He says, “I SWIMMIN” really loud!
I don’t have any pictures of the lazy river.  The river isn’t very lazy.  When my awesome sister took me to Atlantis when I was pregnant with Miller, the lazy river was my favorite part of the whole trip.
cheles 023
spring2008 120
Jackson loves it as much as his mama.
Miller loves it as much as a round of shots.
Maybe I went a time or twelve times too many before he was born.
Sorry ‘bout that!
The boys are still talking about it!  We will go back when our friends visit at the end of the month to make more memories.

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  1. OK totally can hook you up with a memory & Wi-Fi card. Don't even have to wait for your birthday if it means I get more pics faster. The lazy (NOT) river was fun.....I am sure my boy Miller will come around!

    Aunt Chele


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