Friday, May 20, 2011

What we’ve been doing

DSC_0824  DSC_0828    
He has done really well with going in the potty for the #1.
Not so much with the #2.
His older brother was not exactly a breeze to potty train.
He likes to strip off his clothes whenever the mood strikes him.
The mood strikes him a lot, a lot, a lot.
He is also in love with this book.   It is one of those look and find books.  He has every page memorized.
Miller has memorized most of his favorite books.
He also knows all his letters and most of his numbers.
He doesn’t know his colors.
He is going to school in the fall.
That is already making me sad.
He really needs to go to school.
Someone needs to teach him to sit and listen.
Before he goes to school he has to be potty trained.
I’m working on it!
Maybe he will learn to read soon.


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  1. oh, this made me laugh. That last picture is a hoot!


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