Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Last Man Standing

It was bound to happen. 
Miller got the Bahamas crud. 
I guess I am an eternal optimist because I thought he was beginning to play appropriately.  Nope, he was just sick. 
When I took him to the doctor (because I didn’t want him to suffer the way I had with the coughing all night long) he has acute bronchitis. 
He has been prescribed four medicines. 
I am lucky if I can get a half a dose of any one into him. 
He’s not a fan of medicines. 
I’m not a fan of being hit, spit on, head butted, and bitten. 
I’ll blame it on the steroids.  It seems that he has gotten at least some of them! 
Here is my sweet hornet Butterbean in time out. 


My sweet boy is a bit mean erratic these days. 
He should pull out of it soon.
Until then we will be in the house.
Beach days are coming again soon!


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