Saturday, September 3, 2011

How Can This Be?!?

How can five years have passed since I gave birth to this boy?


Wasn’t it just last summer that I was in labor with him for 34 hours?  He was born at 10:02 in the morning after a day and a half of labor.  The epidural didn’t work.  Allen was right there with me the whole time  (except for that time he tried to sleep, but kept being interrupted, ahem).  He cried for the first 3 months.  Really.

Now he’s so much more fun than he was then. 


Aside from patience, he has taught me so many things.  Like how to stop and look.  Really look at the things that he has absorbed by watching.  Because he’s always watching!

Watching vehicles, people, us and commenting about things.  Sometimes he is a running commentary, other times he’s a quiet observer.

He loves his Legos and is getting so much more independent with them.


Jackson is starting to “get” jokes and loves to tell them.  even if they don’t always make sense. 

He’s a big fan of America’s funniest Home Videos type humor.  Unless it is him.  Then not so much a fan.

Jackson is interested in sharks, space, money, soccer, getting a trophy, making things, cooking and so much more.


He has started answering the phone.  He says, “I’ll get it.”  then he picks it up, but never says “hello.”

He wants to know how to spell words so he can write them, so fun to watch that all come together.

We couldn’t love this boy any more than we do and we are so excited to see what he develops into during the next year.



*I started writing this before we were evacuated for Hurricane Irene*  more on that later!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Jackson! I know that this is cliche but I swear to you that after the first 5 years it truly starts to fly by, enjoy it, they only get more and more awesome (and then maybe they hit a dip during the teenage years?).


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