Monday, September 26, 2011


After Miller got his medicine in him we thought he was going to bounce back so quickly.  We took him shopping and out for lunch on Saturday and he did great.  We got their Halloween costumes at Old Navy and Oh! MY! Gosh! they are cute, but they are going to roast wearing them in the Bahamas. 
Sunday we thought he was all better until we were in a TJ Maxx and he threw up all over the picture frames.  He still hasn’t figured out how to warn anyone what is coming.  Bless his heart!  And the poor workers at TJ Maxx who had to clean up his puke.  Again, it was not bad, just a little OJ. Am I justifying?  Just a little!
Monday my friend, Annette, and her children decided we were going to rent a car and head to downtown ATL.  We hit the Georgia Aquarium and it was every bit as good as everyone said it would be!  My camera didn’t act right, but here are my photos….
Aaron and Rebecca were lifesavers on our trip!
These fish swim by in a HUGE school right as you walk in.  It almost looks fake.
The moving sidewalk was perfect!  Walking and looking can be dangerous!  For me, that is.
This saw shark was swimming right overhead!
This guy ( I think it’s a grouper) was right beside us.  Huge doesn’t describe him.
Here he is beside Annette.
Jackson was so excited to see  a whale shark!
DSCN0339 DSCN0340 DSCN0343
There were 4 whale shark in this part of the aquarium.
This grouper was a different one from before.
I know it is blurry, but look at the size of that thing!
The dolphins before the show.
Beluga whales!
A seahorse swimming.
The penguin exhibit was terrific.  They got to climb through a tunnel and see the penguins from a neat perspective.
Then they got to pop up through the holes and see penguins eye to eye.
This penguin was friendly.
A wall of tropical fish
DSCN0397 DSCN0399
Then my camera battery died! 
So I pulled out my iphone!  That’s right there’s more!  Next up Coke world. 
Oh and I need to maybe do a post about the boyS starting school!


  1. Thank you for posting. I know it was a hard week, but I really need my boy fix!! Can't wait for Coke world....truly changed Miller's perspective on Coke.
    I was there for starting school so I will give you a grace period on that. ;- )

    Love you all!!
    Aunt Chele


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