Monday, June 25, 2012

Little Mermaid

One of the things that I love about the boys’ school is that they have performances twice a year.  It takes tons of work and untold hours to pull it off, but they somehow get it all together and have a fantastic show that includes all the classes twice a year.

This year the production was the Little Mermaid.  Jackson wasn’t that thrilled, and Miller was ambivalent.  As time got closer Jackson got a bit nervous.  It is really good to get him out of his comfort zone.

They all did great.  The lead characters were terrific and our boys did very well. 

And by doing well I mean they did their best at walking around the stage “acting” like they were swimming!

Please excuse the heads at the bottom of all these shots.  I am not blessed with height.



Ursula stole the show!DSC_0415DSC_0418DSC_0419DSC_0420

Until the littles came on stage!


Matias is on the right.  He had this expression the whole time.  Love him!


The boys were both in the number “Kiss the Girl”



Amazing performance for both.  We will be expecting our invitations to the Tonys and day now!


I am already looking to next year!

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