Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wet Days are back

The weather has officially changed to Summer weather.  That means that it is hot and humid all the time.  Being wet is the only way to go outside and be somewhat comfortable.  I’m not talking sweaty wet either, which is entirely different, since the moment you walk out the door, the perspiration begins.  You are going to be wet one way or the other, it might as well be at the pool or the beach.


Miller has resumed his fish tendencies.  For a while there he was pacing the pool, crying and saying he couldn’t swim.  He’s a little on the dramatic side, in case you were wondering.  Which is hilarious since he looks so much like his dad, who is as anti-drama as they come.


Jackson is working on some new strokes and hopefully will become proficient with them soon.  He’s all about racing now.  His idea of racing is getting a big head start and then waiting for you to catch him and then attacking you as you swim past him.



It’s going to be a long hot summer!

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