Friday, August 17, 2012


Oops, I thought I had this scheduled to post on Friday.  Today is just about as good, right?

Can he really be 6?  Today is the day the calendar tells me that my baby is 6, so it must be so!  Today I celebrate our smart, adorable, somewhat silly, shy and so helpful SIX year old. Each year on his birthday I try to remember the sheer sweetness of this boy. His dark lashed eyes, his quirky smile, his long limbed frame, his sweet snuggles in the morning, his tender heart, his unbounded joy. He's something else, but I wouldn’t change one thing about him. And I love him to pieces.
He has been anxiously awaiting this day for about 360 days.  He has upped his excitement in the few weeks since his check up where the doctor told him he doesn’t need any more shots!
Six years with this boy have been phenomenal!  One day I need to write down his birth story, it’s a doozy.  Not today because today is all about celebrating!
At 6 years old Jackson is
  • Starting to resist affection, but still wants to be held at night and in the morning.
  • An avid fisherman.  {If I could just get him to bait his own hook and take his catches off the line!}
  • A beginning reader.
  • So eager to help that it melts my heart.
  • Devoted to play Legos.  Which is g a good thing since they are everywhere in our house!!
  • An amazing swimmer!
  • Starting to enjoy video games, especially Lego Star Wars
  • Lover of all carbs!!  Bread cereal, cracker, chips & sweets!
  • Starting to ask about staying up late.  Oh my!
  • Sure his daddy can do anything.  He wants to hurry up and “get black hair like dad’s” !
  • The proud owner of two permanent teeth and one wobbly top tooth!
  • So ready for First Grade
I am so thankful that God has given us such an excellent son to raise.


  1. Happy Birthday to Jackson! It's so hard to believe how fast the time does go isn't it?

  2. Jackson is turning into a young man right before my eyes. Happy Birthday Jackson! See you soon to celebrate.

    Aunt Chele


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