Monday, August 13, 2012


Today we celebrate four magnificent and wild years of Miller. I marvel each and every day at his blonde hair, green eyes, huge smile and sturdy frame. He's strong and strong willed and when he talks with that raspy voice you want to listen to him some more. The boy is smart and self sufficient. If he wants to look outside for children to play with, he does(which is why this place is dead bolted, chained and alarmed at all times.) His love of his brother is staggering and his natural athletic ability is remarkable. He's uniquely himself, one of a kind, as we often call him. Because he is my baby, I have a hard time with Miller growing up.  As hard as I try to keep him my baby, he is growing up.   4 seems awfully grown up. Anyway, here is a little Miller Montage.

At 4 Miller is
  • Still a total free spirit.  He does whatever comes into his mind.  God bless him!
  • Loves his brother like a superhero. 
  • Dramatic. When he is wronged, you know it! He loves big and he gets upset big. When he is mad watch out, there is likely to be a fit! It doesn’t last long, though
  • Loves making us laugh by doing silly things and telling jokes (that don’t make sense).  His fake laugh is hysterical!
  • Plays with his Legos ALL day EVERY day.
  • Swims like he was born in the water.
  • Dances like nobody’s watching.  He’s got some moves too!
  • Eats apples all day long.  I bet he would eat 4 a day if I didn’t limit him.
  • Makes every stick, wand or pencil into  “life saver”{light saber}.  Star Wars is a big deal.
  • A total blast!
Thank you God for putting him in our care.

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  1. Happy Birthday Miller! As your Mom said "you live EVERY day as if it was your Birthday!"

    Love you,
    Aunt Chele


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