Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac

Last year we evacuated for Hurricane Irene.  It was a bit rough, but we survived.  Early last week it looked like another “I” storm was going to give us a hard time.  We prepared and kept a close watch on it all week.  In the end it turned a bit {leaving our island at the very edge} and turned into a big rain and wind maker here.  {Had we not prepared, we probably gotten a Category 5 storm.}
Friday was overcast and we had a shower or two, but that was just a warm up for the real storm. 
Saturday was pretty windy and overcast, but not too much in the way of rain. I love a good storm, so on Saturday afternoon, I made Allen and the boys go over to the beach and check things out. 
Waves smashing on the sea wall
All that seaweed is going to be a mess to clean up!
Wind makes them want to dance!
A conch find!
Another conch find!
As soon as the sun went down, we had high winds that night and lots of rain, but by Sunday afternoon we were out of the woods.  we slept through most of it!

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