Monday, October 8, 2012

2 Years

It’s so hard to believe that we have been living here for two years.  Our little island has become home (well as close to home as can be). 

Miller has lived here half his life and Jackson has lived here one third of his life.   In case you want me to do the math, I have lived here one twentieth of my life. Winking smile
On one hand it seems like we just got here, on the other it seems like we have been here for ages.  I see and experience new things every day and so much of it is like Groundhog Day.  The weather is beautiful and hot; the beaches are lovely.
We have experienced wonderful, hard, lovely, heartbreaking and everything in between.  We have made some lifelong friends and some friends that we will probably never see again after we (or they) leave.
We are looking forward to many more adventures as we have signed on for another 2 years GULP!

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  1. Yea Aunt Chele gets 2 more years to visit the BAHAMAS!! Love you all, and would go WHEREVER you are to visit, but I do enjoy where you are now!

    See you next week!
    Aunt Chele


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