Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Little Photoshoot

Last time I tried to get pictures of Jackson’s adorable new smile I ended up with this.
It’s good if you like blurry and short.  Which is my kind of photography these days.
By the way, my camera woes only took a brief hiatus.  My good camera is all kinds of broken right now. 
I have to send it to the Nikon Gods who will tell me it will cost approximately $40 less than buying a new camera to get mine fixed.  Do I have a crystal ball, you ask? 
Um no.  That’s what they do every stinking time I have sent a camera in for repair. 
I’ve had about 1 or 67 broken cameras.  Approximately.
Some could suggest that it is operator related.  I’d say highly likely unlikely .
So now you are saying where are the pictures?  They are here, but hold your horses. 
I had to stage him in front of really good light to get these, which makes my background a little…unusual. 
Just focus on the smile, ok?  Thankyouverymuch!
This is the face I get to see right before he snorts!
Needless to say he likes to pretend he is a ninja when I want him to pose for sweet pictures.
Then he flat out hid from me, but he didn’t actually bother to move away. He loves the attention.
Then he gave me ONE sweet smile.
Then Miller told me to take pictures of his missing teeth.
He thinks his spaces are missing teeth.  Bless him!
Oh how I wish I could show him the spaces I had before braces.  Hear that mom?  Get out your pictures.  I know I don’t have to ask twice!

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