Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I’ve always said that I’d only let my boys do one thing at a time.  Who wants to be driving all over the place and spending all afternoon at sports practices?  Not me, that’s who!
This Fall Jackson has been playing Soccer and Tennis.
Good thing I didn’t say that previous statement too many times!
I justified a little since I assumed that Miller would be starting Soccer this Fall.  He surprised me when I asked him if he wanted to start playing soccer and  he said, “No fank you.”  All of a sudden we had a free afternoon!
As you may recall Soccer here is practically a religion. Every boy we know plays. They have practice twice a week and then games start in November. It too is a great sport, but I don’t really have any deep love to make those long practices worth it.
Tennis is such a fantastic lifetime sport I really want Jackson to catch the bug while he is young-- and still thinks that what we do is not lame.  Is saying the word lame, lame?
It was a tough choice because Jackson likes soccer mainly because it is what boys around here do.  It’s just a given.  Tennis is so good at developing different aspects of sportsmanship and coordination. 
I gave in (to myself) and decided we could do both for the Fall and see how it goes.DSCN2347
So 7 weeks into the school year, how is it going?
Great! he still loves them both and we are getting plenty of time to do homework and play outside before dinner most days.DSCN2357
Miller likes being on the sidelines.  And running around like a crazy boy during those practices!
So far the sidelines are treating us just fine.

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