Friday, December 14, 2012

Box Fun!

As long as we can remember, Miller has loved playing with boxes.  Like most little ones he will play with a box for quite a long time… or in his case, until it is demolished.  Recently he has stopped being so rough and destructive and is  playing in them in a different way.

We got this box recently and it has lasted almost a week.  He is calling himself “Jack in the Box Miller”.




My children are nothing if not predictable in their naming of things!!


The second version involves a little more risk.  He wants his dad to put him in the box and then pop out when he is about 6 feet off the tile floor.  Obviously we would never take suck risks!




He made it safely to the ground!  Whew!DSCN2564

He is so funny, I need to be better about documenting all the funny things he does!

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  1. It was absolutely wonderful to hear him laugh so hard playing with that box.

    Aunt Chele


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