Monday, December 17, 2012

Lego Land Day 2

I know that you thought I had covered it all in my first post about Lego Land, but there’s still more (said in my best Bob Barker voice)!
It was about 2 hours into our first day that we addressed that we were not going to have time to do everything that we wanted to do in just one day.  We made the decision to let the boys do anything and everything they wanted to do.  We only got them to a few shows that were scheduled, other than that we just went wherever their hearts wanted. 
And it was Awesome!
The boys were able to meet a few of the Lego characters and they were so delighted!!  This is Buddy.
The things that Miller told him….
This is Max.  The boys had gotten Max shirts the day before and were wearing them that day, so you can just imagine seeing Max while wearing Max shirts!!
I think that we have a couple of roller coaster lovers in the family!
We rode all the rides over and over again, but on this one you could score points by shooting colored lights. Who won, you ask? It is not the one who is smiling in the picture. It is the one with the “eye of the tiger”!20121102_pic1027_1948
There were just two rides that Miller wasn’t tall enough to ride, so we did some things in Duplo Land
MiniLand has Lego sized representations of famous landmarks.  The details are amazing!IMG_0691IMG_0693IMG_0698IMG_0700IMG_0701
So glad that Miller finally got to see the Statue of Liberty!  Ha ha!
We caught the shows.  This one was called “The Big Test”.    Of course they loved it!  Jackson was all about being in the “wet zone” at all the shows!
By far their favorite show was Captain Brickbeard’s Adventure.  LegoLand is on the sight of Cypress Gardens, which had a famous skiing show.  Captain Brickbeard’s adventure was on the same lake and the skiing was impressive. IMG_0713
Jackson was fortunate enough to be able to man one of the water cannons!  The boy was in total heaven!IMG_0731
He was tickled pink when he got to shoot the pirate in the bottom and the armpit!
Miller thought it was awesome too!  he just wasn’t willing to get wet to get in on the action.IMG_0750
Afterwards they got to meet three of the Characters from the show
Miller told her some very interesting things.  Look at the face of the pirate who is listening to him!!  IMG_0760IMG_0762
We have told everyone who has asked and many that haven’t asked what a fantastic place LegoLand is.  We would go there again and again.  The lines were virtually non existent and the whole place was made for kids!
We’ll be back!

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