Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sleepover- Squared

When I was young {and naïve}  I told someone that I’d love to have twins.  That wise person told me this, “It’s not baby times two, it’s baby squared.”  That turned out to be wise advice, and as it turns out, twins were not in my future.  However we do have twins in our life.  Jackson’s best buds are twins and we love them like they are our own. 

They boys have been begging for a sleepover since last time and I thought it was time to just get on with it.  So we invited the twins for a sleepover.  They weren’t quite sure if they wanted to come and leave their hamsters, so I swayed them by letting the hamsters come sleepover as well.NIK_4949

Hank was very curious!


Chase’s hamster didn’t feel very social that night, so we just played with Triston’s hamster.NIK_4954

This is the one who almost swayed me into getting a hamster.


Well it ended up being a sleepover squared.  The boys all did really great and even went to bed much earlier than I expected.


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  1. Looks like fun! Even the hamsters are cute!
    Aunt Chele


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