Monday, February 3, 2014

He Pulled It Off

This year Miller is doing great in Kindergarten.  He has breezed through the reading and Math portions.  The writing is more difficult for him. 

His hands aren’t that strong and writing takes work.  Miller doesn’t like to work.  Unless it is his idea.  If it’s his idea he will work for approximately 3 seconds before he gets tired.  However we have been really concentrating on getting him to work without making such a big deal about it.  He now gets little cards that indicate he has done his wok and gets to use the iPad for 15 minutes for each card he earns. 

He has been doing pretty well with it recently.

So I was thrilled when he was named student of the week for his class.  It has Miller beyond thrilled that he finally got to stand up in front of the whole school and be recognized for his hard work.


That sweet boy kept giving me the thumbs up!  Love him!


His class is the first one to be called and it takes about 20 minutes for all the classes to call up their students of the week.  He got a little antsy and I was wondering if he was going to put on a show up there, but he kept it together!


We celebrated with a bike ride to the ice cream shop!


As you may remember, he was named Student of the Week last year by the Art teacher who loved his compliments!

I’m so thankful that he is in a place where his strengths are recognized and he can be exactly who he is!

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  1. That is the sweetest thing! He has really worked hard for it and waited forever! Congratulations Miller!!!

    Aunt Chele


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