Friday, April 4, 2014

April {Fools} Musings…

I forgot to come back and tell y’all that the whole hamster thing was a joke.  I wanted to trick someone, and I totally did not pull it off.  womp, womp, womp!

However, I did  get the boys really good.  I filled up their cereal bowls the night before and then put them in the freezer.  They went to dig into their cereal and it went clunk!


They also had to figure out what to do with this spoon situation.


And some pink milk..

That night we had dinner with friends and each boy had a plastic bug in their ice!


Being a trickster is so fun with boys this age!  The grosser the better!  Big times, I tell you.

Jackson is now declaring it April Fool’s month!  His sweet teacher is his victim quite a bit!  He wanted to switch out her apple juice for lemon juice.  I didn’t want him to do that so he told her he was moving to Alaska.  Then threw a big plastic spider at her.

Last weekend Jackson also had some of this action going on.  There’s only so many things you can do with a coconut before he thinks of this!


He is super goofy right now.  You can barely tell that he is wearing a candy necklace as a headband too!

Jackson found this in his after school snack!


Wonder what funny things these boys will think up next!

Oh and…So despite the email from the soccer coach declaring that the soccer season was over, it turns out that it was a little premature.  We will soldier on!


  1. So much fun! You fooled me...I really thought you had a little hamster! You are still a great mama! :)

  2. So I know where Jackson got wearing a candy necklace as a headband....hope it didn't leave marks on his forehead. I HEAR it can do that. Ha Ha
    Aunt Chele

    1. yes, it is funny that he thought of that. i am sure it was inspired by his aunt's slap happy attitude on the way back from a Garth Brooks concert in the late 90's!


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