Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tooth Fairy

Did you ever see the episode of Modern Family where The Tooth Fairy accidentally gives Lilly $100?  Well apparently my life imitates a sitcom, because we had a similar situation here the other night. 

The trailer for that episode sets it up perfectly.

Memorable Quotes:
"The Tooth Fairy gave our daughter $100! Does she not know that the going rate for a tooth is five at the most?"
Cameron: "Well, obviously the Tooth Fairy made a mistake."
Mitchell: "That's because the Tooth Fairy had a little too much Chardonnay last night."
Cameron: "I think the Tooth Fairy can handle the Chardonnay. What I think she can't handle is criticizing someone who made an honest mistake in the dark of the night."

I do love Modern Family!

So back to Miller…Thursday afternoon he was wiggling it and being quite a drama queen about it, so I basically made him let me pull it. 

Yes I traumatized him, but…The dentist charges upwards of $150 to pull a tooth and the new one needed its space, so I just had to get in there and go for it. He will have to work it out with his therapist when he’s older.

Once the tooth was out he cried for a few seconds but was thrilled to get a popsicle and forgot all about his tooth trauma.  That night he happily put the tooth under the pillow for the tooth fairy to exchange for the customary $5 that she leaves in our house.

The next morning the tooth fairy woke up at 5:48 and realized she had forgotten to do the exchange, so she hurried to her wallet and was careful to avoid the $50 bill in her wallet. She made the exchange and went back to bed.

Shortly after that Miller came to my room and informed me that the tooth fairy had left him $24.  Yes, she had avoided the $50 bill, but had managed to pick up a $20 bill instead of the $1 bill.  He was thrilled.  His brother felt gypped and I felt like a punk!

Photo (21)

Oh well, he went to the sports store and bought himself a new ball and we are all happy with the outcome. 

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